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Understanding Dredging

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CEDA Involvement

Deep sea mining information portal

Regarding deep-sea mining, the Central Dredging Association (CEDA) is acting to facilitate economic business opportunities with practices on “mining” natural resources such as sand or gravel with the use of available dredging equipment. CEDA has the expertise that can help project owners, be it governmental or private, with information on the extraction of deep sea minerals and can direct the interests of the dredging world in this new sector in an efficient and sustainable manner. There are notable similarities between dredging and deep sea mining operations as evidenced by the simplified process pathways illustrated below.

DSM process deep sea mining

Within the dredging community, extensive expertise has already been developed (in conjunction with CEDA) on deep sea dredging. The expertise is based on experience in global dredging operations carried out in the past decades and innovations and research carried out within CEDA and by CEDA members

CEDA is now well placed to advise on issues regarding

  1. The overall mining process;
  2. Specialised equipment and work methods;
  3. Mitigation measures;
  4. Bulk product handling; and
  5. Placement and disposal of residual materials.

CEDA and its members have the knowledge and experience to cover mining operations in both shallow and deep water. Considering the rapid pace at which developments are taking place, it is important to use and develop the expert knowledge within CEDA and by CEDA members and translate it to project specific, tailor made solutions and environmental mitigation measures