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Understanding Dredging

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CEDA Working Group on Early Contractor Involvement


In an effort to better understand and manage project risk, ensure more secure project outturn costs, reduce project costs, increase delivery efficiency, better program delivery and engage best practice and innovation, parties are turning to, amongst other mechanisms, Early Contractor Involvement (“ECI”) procurement models. The general principle is that the Owner to a project obtains, via varying routes, input from Contractor/s prior to the commencement of the physical work. The high-level benefits to the Owner being that it has the value of the Contractor’s experience and expertise in delivering similar projects, and/or innovation in utilising new methods and technologies. The Contractor has the benefit of understanding, and shaping, the overall product in terms of design development, site investigation, planning and, importantly, pricing.


The CEDA Dredging Management Commission (DMC) will set up a working group to prepare a guidance paper on this topic, to be aimed at all key parties to a contract.. The DMC proposes the following Terms of Reference (ToR) for the working group. The ToR was formally established at the latest DMC meeting. The task of the working group will be to draft a CEDA guidance paper on ECI models suitable for the dredging and offshore sector. The aim of the paper is to both raise awareness of the related factors within the industry and also to provide informative guidance which can be utilised and referenced by parties when procuring works, selecting and entering into such ECI arrangements. The paper should provide the relevant information in an easily accessible format, and to be of interest and relevance to as wide a range of parties as possible. It may be appropriate and possible to link this guidance paper, along with other existing CEDA information and guidance papers, to the CEDA Checklist for Successful Dredging Management and others.

Terms of reference

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