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Understanding Dredging

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CEDA Working Group on Effective Contract-Type Selection

The Working Group (WGECS) has been set up by the CEDA Dredging Management Commission (DMC). The WG had their first meeting in January 2018 and released their guidance paper "Effective Contract-Type Selection in the Dredging Industry" in November 2019.


Chair: Charles Wilsoncroft, HKA, United Kingdom
Claudia Knijnenburg, Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands
David Gwillim, BDB Pitmans LLP, United Kingdom
David Kinlan, Kinlan Consulting, Australia
Dirk-Jan Karssen, Fugro, the Netherlands
Dirk Roukema, Blue Pelican Associates, the Netherlands
Gerard van Raalte, GRA Consultancy, the Netherlands
Harry Zondag, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat,
the Netherlands
Kathleen De Wit, IMDC, Belgium
Johny Van Acker, DEME, Belgium
Luc Imbrechts, Imbrechts & Van den Nest, Belgium
Murat Ege, Arti Proje, Turkey
Ralph Hubert, Wasserstrassen- und Schifffahrtsamt Bremerhaven, Germany
Stan Putter, Conway Advocaten & Attorneys at Law, the Netherlands

CEDA > Working Groups > WG-Contract // wg-contract.jpg (155 K)
The first meeting of the working group on contract type selection took place in early January 2018 (l to r): Stan Putter (Conway Advocaten & Attorneys at Law – the Netherlands), Harry Zondag (Rijkswaterstaat – the Netherlands), Gerard van Raalte (GRA Consultancy – the Netherlands), David Gwillim (Pitmans Law – UK), Luc Imbrechts (Imbrechts & Van den Nest bvba – Belgium), Ralph Hubert (Wasserstrassen- und Schifffahrtsamt Bremerhaven – Germany), Dirk-Jan Karssen (Fugro – Netherlands), Dirk Roukema (Blue Pelican Associates BV – the Netherlands). Claudia Knijnenburg (Port of Rotterdam – the Netherlands), joined the meeting after the photo was taken.


View the latest presentation about the working group’s progress by working group chair, Charles Wilsoncroft (HKA  UK), at CEDA Dredging Days 2019, 7-8 November, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, here.


Dredging Management Commission Contract Working Group Continues to Steam Ahead - 28 April 2018

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