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Understanding Dredging

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CEDA-UK online Seminar: How the Ports and the Dredging Industry are changing


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As an island nation, the UK relies heavily on its ports, which have always been fundamental to the economy; however, they face numerous challenges every day in order to be able to operate in the constantly changing regulatory and legislative environment, manage the ever increasing size and number of vessels and to provide the services they need to support them. Likewise, the dredging industry is constantly having to adapt and look for more innovative and creative ways to meet the needs of its customers and other external influences. Building on our October seminar, this event considers the practical issues that port authorities and dredging contractors face and how they are adapting to overcome these.

Speakers and presentations include:

Russell Bird Deputy Group Harbour Master (Hydrographic and Dredging). Peel Ports Group, “Challenges and opportunities for Port authorities within through dredging” Dredging activities are becoming an increasingly complex and controversial subject; however, port authorities across the UK require to undertake them frequently to maintain both commercial competitiveness and the wider UK economy.

To sustain current and future levels of trade ports must become increasingly aware of threats to current dredging operations but also look to see how changing regulations and focus can present opportunities that could have previously been discounted.

Russell’s presentation puts this broad subject into context and provides the opportunity to discuss in detail.

Frits van den Boogaard Business Development Manager. Royal Smals Dredging B.V. “The responsibility of an innovative inland dredging company with no deficit to quality” In times of climate change, energy transition and growing attention for sustainable solutions, Royal Smals tries to improve step by step and develops new solutions for maintenance dredging. Maintenance dredging should strive for beneficial use of the sediment more often.

New long term and qualitybased tenders should enable this. The pretty old-fashioned dredging business needs to adapt changing new conditions and circumstances. Innovate, co-create, challenge you partners. How? by modernising the equipment, adapting activities to the (well informed-) clients wishes, - demanding environment and – protected eco-life. Cooperation among complementary partners is needed.

Frits’ presentation will set out Royal Smals approach to these challenges and the changing conditions and needs of dredging.

Chaired by Jamie Gardiner from Royal HaskoningDHV, Chair of CEDA UK Committee.


15 December 2020 - 15 December 2020
10.00-11.15 (UK time)