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Understanding Dredging

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Boskalis begins coastal works for £14m Colwyn Bay Waterfront Project

2022-07-14 Tanya Blake and Sukanya Singh

14072022 // installation_sinker.jpg (277 K)

Boskalis installing sinker pipeline for Colwyn Bay Waterfront Project in June 2022. Credit Photo: Boskalis

A one  kilometre long cast iron pipeline was placed off the beach at Rhos on Sea, North Wales on June 16th ahead of work to dredge the sea bed scheduled for later this month. 

The scheme is estimated to cost GBP 14 million pounds and will include the building of a new rock groyne and importing approximately one million tonnes of gold sand via offshore dredging. 

Boskalis Westminster has been awarded the dredging contract for the project. By using one of their hopper dredgers, the company will take sand from an offshore borrow area and deliver it onshore via the pipeline. The trailing hopper dredger Willem van Oranje will pump a total of 485,000 cubic metres of sand through the pipeline to nourish the beach in Colwyn Bay. The work is due to begin on 21 July and will take approximately 4 weeks to complete.

The groyne will be placed in front of the existing seawall to improve coastal defences, using material from existing rock groyne structures and rock armour. The local council has said the beach height will be increased by as much as 5 metres.

A Conwy County Borough Council spokesperson said: “These sea defences are vital to protect Rhos on Sea in the future.”

Boskalis Westminster is in charge of the sand importation while Alun Griffiths (Contractors) will carry out promenade improvements.The scheme is expected to be completed by Spring 2023.

In 2013, Boskalis carried out previous beach nourishment activity at Colwyn Bay as part of phase 1 of the waterfront project. Using its trailing suction hopper vessel Barent Zanen, Boskalis dredged, transported and pumped the beach material ashore through a 1500 metre sinker pipeline. The beach nourishment comprised the majority of the works and was completed by Boskalis Westminster under a subcontract to main contractor Volker Stevin.

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