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CSBC-DEME JV secures contracts for wind farms in Taiwan

2022-11-10 Tamara Parkin

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Photo Credit: DEME group

CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering (CDWE) has secured the contract for work on the Hai Long offshore wind farm located 40-50km from the coast of Taiwan. The contract is for transportation and installation of the foundations, turbines and offshore substation, with offshore construction planned to commence in 2024 with pre-piling works. The Hai Long project will be Taiwan’s largest offshore wind farm with 73 wind turbines and a total installed capacity of 1,044 MW in water depths of 35-55m. 

CDWE was established in February 2019, and is a joint venture between CSBC Corporation, the largest shipbuilder in Taiwan, and DEME Offshore, the Belgium construction engineering company. This company would become Taiwan’s first offshore wind engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) contractor. 

The offshore project will use CDWE’s new vessel, Green Jade, which is expected to be delivered to them in early 2023. The Jade Green is the first floating, DP3 heavy lift and installation vessel to be built in Taiwan. The vessel’s deck space has been maximised to transport a multitude of the heaviest monopiles, jackets, wind turbine components and structures within a single shipment.

The combination of high load and lifting capacity means that the Green Jade can transport and install the next generation of foundations and giant multi-megawatt wind turbines. At 216.5m long, the vessel can accommodate up to 160 people onboard, and features a 4,000 tonne capacity Huisman crane. The Green Jade was also designed with environmental consideration and as a result has dual-fuel engines, a Green Passport, Clean Design notation, and other environmental innovations on board such as a waste heat recovery system. 

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