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Understanding Dredging

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Harbour development projects advance in the Maldives

2023-05-12 Tamara Parkin

120523ceda // mtcc__sh.narudhoo_harbour_development_project_1.jpg (284 K)

Photo Credit:  Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC).

The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has had a busy month, with the completion of one harbour project, the commencement of another and reaching a key milestone in a further shore protection project. 

In early May, MTCC announced that it had completed the R. Kinolhas harbour development project. The project, which was signed in November 2021 between the MTCC and the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, cost around $3 million.

The scope included new harbour basin dredging of 31,726 m3, dredging of 15,252 m3 for an existing harbour basin, channel dredging of 1,920 m3, and boat dredging of 6,100 m3. Among the enhancements are a 186m quay wall, a 285m breakwater, a 130m groyne, a 65m revetment, a jetty and concrete ramp, and a 172m rectification of an existing quay wall. 

MTCC has also started harbour basin dredging for the Sh. Narudhoo harbour development project. This project involves dredging a harbour area measuring 51,212 m3 and channel dredging for an area of 4,120 m3. A 210m quay wall, 371m breakwater, and revetment measuring 205m will also be constructed. 

The first shipment of rock boulders required for Adh. Kunburudhoo shore protection project has also been delivered. Contractors have completed 65% of the dredging and reclamation operations across the 24,000 m3 project site, which will feature a 430m rock boulder revetment, a 185m geotube revetment and beach replenishment of a 7,171 m3 area.

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