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Understanding Dredging

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Discover Dredging: A new personal website for dredging enthusiasts


Mark Winkelman, one of our long time individual members, launched his new personal website, Discover Dredging today.

With lots of interesting tidbits about dredging to discover, the site will be informative, entertaining and fun.

Future posts include titles such as "Pump power peculiarities: playing with pumps and pipes", "Go with the flow: how to mesauremixture flow", "Making money with a dredge: CSD production made vissible" radiate Marks passion for dredging.

DiscoverDredging - Making Money

CSD production tanslated into truck load.

We are delighted that Mark starts his site with a post about the coming Dredging Days, and that he will post his personal account during the two days. Make sure you check out regularly Discover Dredging if you can't join the conference.