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Dredging Management Commission Contract Working Group Continues to Steam Ahead


CEDA’s contract working group, set up as part of the Dredging Management Commission’s (DMC) brief to address matters of contract selection and procurement routes, convened for the third full day’s meeting in Delft on 26 April. Charles Wilsoncroft of HKA, the group’s chair, said “We had another very productive and positive meeting. With lively debate, and strong opinions from some of the leaders in the industry, we continue to plot a course through the complex matter of how projects are procured and contracts selected and awarded.”

The working group, comprising employers, contractors, lawyers and consultants and divided into specific sub-groups, continues its work outside the meetings to develop the overview, content and processes to be incorporated into the finally produced document. The output is being drafted to align with, and be complimentary to, the DMC’s Dredging Management Checklist, which is currently available free to CEDA members from the website. Charles also said “It is our sincere hope that the document we produce will add real value to the industry and that it will provide, alongside the Dredging Management Checklist, part of a project delivery ‘tool kit’ to be utilised by those delivering projects.” The working group is due to meet again, in Delft, in July this year.


Participants of the 26 April meeting (l to r):
Ralph Hubert, Wasserstrassen- und Schifffahrtsamt Bremerhaven, Germany; Charles Wilsoncroft, HKA-UK; Luc Imbrechts, Imbrechts & Van den Nestbvba, Belgium; Dirk-Jan Karssen, Fugro, the Netherlands; Dirk Roukema, Blue Pelican Associates BV, the Netherlands; Harry Zondag, Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands; Stan Putter, Conway Advocaten &Attorneys at Law, the Netherlands; Gerard van Raalte, GRA Consultancy, the Netherlands.