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Understanding Dredging

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Prof. Cees van Rhee, conference chair's closing statement on Dredging Days 2019

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Dear Dredging Days 2019 Participants,

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and Dredging Days 2019 is now behind us. On the first day of the event, I promised you an interesting programme and I trust that you were not disappointed. We did indeed enjoy discussions on a wide variety of subjects and the content could be laid out in a similar pattern to the dredging cycle.

As we all know, dredging starts with the excavation process and we heard presentations on rock cutting, water injection dredging, cutter spillage and boulder removal with a large plough-like structure. We also heard about the dynamic response of a Cutter Suction Dredger due to the interaction between the cutter and soil.

The next stage of the dredging cycle is hydraulic transportation and, in relation to that, we heard the latest on an Euler-Euler multiphase flow simulation. That was followed by the suction behaviour of a pump which was investigated with experiments using small 3D printed impellers. After transportation comes deposition, and we heard about hopper sedimentation and the capping of soft sediment in a reclamation.

All these processes are energy intensive, and generate CO2 emissions, and a panel of experts were on hand to share their views in a lively discussion on the energy transition in the dredging industry. Also related to alternative energy carriers, we heard a presentation on the higher sensitivity of alternative fuel on large load variations which often occur during dredging.

Looking at the bigger picture, we had papers with real-life case studies including dredging in Monaco and at New Lock Terneuzen. Also of importance were the contributions on sediment management strategies, ecosystem services, and beneficial use of sediments.

All dredging activities need a proper contractual framework and thorough production estimates, and these topics were also highlighted during the two-day programme. Possibly less technical, but very interesting and entertaining, was the excellent and well-prepared interactive session on the ‘Social License’.

In looking back on a very interesting, entertaining and varied Dredging Days, I would like to thank everyone, and especially the sponsors, who made this event possible.

See you at the next CEDA Dredging Days!

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