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CEDA’s Statement on COVID-19 Outbreak

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, and the consequent containment measures taken by national governments, the dredging industry has adapted quickly to the changing circumstances in order to guarantee the safety of their employees, and the direct project environment, and ensure that important (national) infrastructure projects can continue to be developed and maintained.

The measures are defined and implemented by the sector as a whole (owners, partners, consultants, industry), with the aim to prevent further spreading of the virus via the project activities and to try to minimise the effect on turnover of the various businesses. In CEDA’s region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), the dredging sector is internationally orientated and consists of a wide variety of companies, from large capital-intensive contractors, to small self-employed consultants supporting project owners with their specific knowledge and experience. Several countries in the region are in lock-down, and international travel has largely stopped, making it challenging for companies to continue on-going projects.

Especially in these demanding times, as CEDA we want to stress that dredging projects are often vital for the logistic networks of a country, providing access to lifesaving goods and products as well as being important for their economic growth and safety. In support of this, several countries have declared their maritime projects as essential and requested the project teams to continue with the work. Our members confirm that they are able to meet these requests and succeed in continuing their operations, taking into account social distancing and several quarantine measures to protect staff, crews and employees.

As CEDA Board we want to acknowledge the efforts our members make in adapting the normal process for dredging projects, on and near their project sites, as well as keeping a safe working environment for employees.

We also want to highlight that considering the diversity of the projects and countries within the region, each situation is different and requires local considerations and tailor-made solutions. Be informed that the dredging industry in our region is ready to continue with your essential projects and can adhere to required hygiene and social distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For this to be a success, we would like to stress that this requires the involvement of the full sector, i.e. project owners, consultants, suppliers as well as dredging contractors. This has to be a collaborative effort and we will need your assistance, and understanding, to ensure the safety of all our colleagues.

Be assured that all our members continue to work safely and have updated their working processes in their present business. We are available to share our ideas and show you how this can be done in your projects. CEDA is, as always, ready to support you to define which measures need to be taken in your specific circumstances.

Delft, 22 April 2020

The Board of Directors
Central Dredging Association