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Understanding Dredging

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The Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Course brings the book to life


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Mark Winkelman, R&D Manager at Damen Dredging Equipment, has just completed the CEDA-IADC course designed around the jointly published book Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure. Despite the COVID-19-effect this year, the course was able to run very effectively online. Mark gives a personal account of what it was like to do the course and what he took away from it on his blog

Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure is a reference book. It is jam-packed with useful guidance, and the condensed knowledge of a team of multi-disciplinary subject experts and, as such, is not written as light entertainment. As Mark says in his account, "…it is very tiresome to plough through. However, the course is very enlightening as [a series of] introductory lectures into the contents. Then the meticulously compiled information starts to live.” He adds, "don’t depend on the course alone, also leaf through [the book] and note all the valuable tables, graphs and diagrams, especially the guidance boxes that can assist you in setting up your dredging project. It definitely belongs on your bookshelf.”

For anyone thinking about taking the course (the next one is planned for March 2021; more details will follow early next year), it details some of the areas covered and Mark’s take on it, and it is well worth a read. You can find his full account of the course, and how it has helped him to navigate the book, in his blog at