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Annual report 2020 & 2021 published


We are pleased to announce that the Annual Report 2020/2021 has been published. This report outlines some of the activities that we have been involved in throughout this period. As with the last report, we’ve chosen for a digital publication in order to be cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. You can browse in or download the Annual Report from the Related Documents on the right.

Years 2020 and 2021, with COVID-19’s strong mark, presented unknown challenges to our members, the world and to CEDA as a membership association. As you will see from this report, we can proudly say that, together with our members, we prevailed.
Since we are all aware of the challenges COVID-19 presented to us, we do not want to elaborate on those any more than necessary, but we do want to highlight that pivoting to online activities was quite an adjustment for our membership association, where in-person contact is one of our prime values. The fact that, in spite of all the challenges we faced in our private and work life, our members continued to be engaged with us, is not a small thing either and demonstrates just what CEDA means to them.

On behalf of the CEDA Board, we want to express our thanks to all our members and their companies for their continuing support, which was even more important to us during the last two years with the challenges we all faced, than in “normal” times. It clearly shows the value and importance of CEDA, as a fully independent, professional association for the dredging and associated communities. It also underlies the importance of our efforts to improve our services to members, so that they can rely on a 21st century-proof association as a source of objective dredging knowledge, high quality networking and representation of the dredging field in relevant international platforms.