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Understanding Dredging

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CEDA Innovation Event at Europort


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Thursday 9 November, during Europort 2023, CEDA organised an afternoon filled with activities.

We started with the Corporate Member pitches. De Klop BV showed off their Advanced CSD Dredge Simulator, Deltares unveiled their CFD applications for dredging and offshore projects, Alia Instruments presented a non-nuclear density meter that's revolutionising dredging performance, and Royal IHC delved into the future of autonomous dredging. Later in the day, ZEDhub showcased solutions for zero-emission dredging, and Delft University of Technology unveiled a digital twin model of a TSHD that's helping dredgers operate more efficiently and safely. Dredging is getting smarter, cleaner, and more efficient.

A full list of presenters and PowerPoint presentations are available on the website.

After the pitches, the CEDA Working Group on Energy Efficiency presented their paper: Energy Efficiency Considerations for Dredging Projects and Equipment.

The afternoon continued with the Annual General Meeting, where CEDA president Polite Laboyrie looked back at the year 2022 and announced important changes in the CEDA Board of Directors.

We completed this busy day with a reception, attended by our members and our day guests. We would like to thank everyone who participated and helped make this day a great success