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Scale Effects in the MSFD


The EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) is one of the international regulatory / policy platforms where CEDA actively participates with science- and experience-based input. On behalf of CEDA, Dr Katherine Cronin, Deltares, the Netherlands, chairs the multi-association MSFD NAVI Group, a thematic cluster of nine navigation sector bodies. It exists to coordinate the exchange of knowledge, experience and views of the participating associations, and provide professional advice that can be used in the implementation of the MSFD.

In addition to Katherine, several CEDA members participate actively in the MSFD work:

  • Dr Dafydd Lloyd Jones, MarineSpace, UK, represents us in the MSFD Working Group Good Environmental Status (WGGES), and in NAVI.
  • Dr Frank Thomsen, DHI, Denmark, represents us on the WGGES Technical Subgroup Underwater Noise.
  • Dr Henrich Roeper, Hamburg Port Authority, Germany, represent us in NAVI.

The European Commission works closely with regional conventions. As CEDA has a non-governmental observer status on the OSPAR Commission we also have a seat in two OSPAR groups dealing with the MSFD. We are represented by:

  • Dr Ivana Prusina, Witteveen+Bos, the Netherlands, in the OSPAR MSFD Intersessional Correspondence Group.
  • Dr Frank Thomsen, DHI, Denmark, in the OSPAR Intersessional Correspondence Group Noise.

Dredging and Port Construction, formerly CEDA’s official magazine until its closure in May 2020, published an interview with Dafydd Lloyd Jones. In the interview Dafydd tells about:

  • Why scale matters in the MSFD, when it comes to dredging;
  • The benefits of working for CEDA on a voluntary basis; and 
  • The overlap in information between the offshore renewables and the dredging industries.  

Click on the pdf, in the related documents, to read the full article.