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Understanding Dredging

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Invitation to join CEDA's Working Group on Cables


The growth in offshore renewable energy is visible worldwide. The fast developments in offshore wind farms has also led to the installation and construction of other, offshore related, infrastructure and assets: offshore (high-)voltage substations, energy islands, and especially… cables. Lots of cables! Inter-array cables, export cables, interconnection cables…

The transmission of all the offshore produced renewable energy requires an enormous length of high voltage (AC and DC) electricity cables. Already in the next decade alone, it is foreseen that tens of thousands of kilometres of subsea cables will be installed.

The mere installation of these subsea cables requires many activities like surveying, extensive geotechnical and geophysical soil investigations, seabed preparation works, the realisation of possible crossings with other subsea/nearshore assets, pre-lay dredging and post-lay backfilling operations or trenching, installation of rock protection, and realisation of landfalls.

Due to its diverse membership composition, where many of these different dredging-associated stakeholders are represented, CEDA is the ideal organisation to initiate and facilitate discussions within the wide dredging industry.

CEDA set up the Working Group on Cables, whom, after careful consideration, have recently published a Terms of Reference (TOR) which can be found under "related documents". 

In order to fulfil the objectives of the TOR, the working group is looking to expand their members. If you feel your experience could help this group reach their goals, or your company could benefit by participating in this group, then please contact Mieke van Loenen ( Please provide a brief curriculum vitae along with a brief description of relevant experience.