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Understanding Dredging

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WODA Symposium on Reservoir Dredging (15-16 May)


World Organization of Dredging Association’s (WODA) Working Group on Reservoir Dredging is going to hold a symposium in the Delft University of Technology on the 15-16 May, discussing the application of dredging technologies for mitigating the sedimentation problem in reservoirs across the world.

Day 1 of the symposium, 15 May, will be open to all members of our CEDA community, so if you are interested in reservoir dredging, please come and join the first day program.


13:00-14:00      Meet/Greet & Lunch

14:00-17:00      Technical Session – presentations from members and external guests on research / projects
                         related to reservoir dredging

17:00-17:30      Summarize the findings from the technical session and how they relate to the sections in the
                         coming WODA Guideline Book on Reservoir Dredging

17:30-18:00      Visit to the TU Delft Dredging Laboratory

Evening             Dinner (we just share the bill)

For participation or more information, please contact: Dr. ir. Xiuhan Chen (