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CEDA annual report 2013 published

Annual Report 2013With great pride and pleasure we publish the 2013 Annual Report of CEDA.

After 35 years serving the professional dredging community, CEDA continues to be a vibrant and essential organization for all those involved in dredging related work.

Last year was a very busy and successful year for CEDA including highlights such as

  • WODCONXX, held in Brussels;
  • The first webinars to enable remote members to participate in our knowledge sharing;
  • The publication of the WODA guidance on underwater sound and the CEDA information paper on ecosystem services;
  • The 25th anniversary of the Belgian Section;
  • The first stages of planning for CEDA Strategy 2014.

Thanks are due to the many CEDA members who have freely given their time and have worked enthusiastically on various committees and as technical representatives of CEDA.

To download or browse the report please click: CEDA Annual Report 2013. For hard copies please contact the CEDA Secretariat.