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CEDA Dredging Management Commission makes plans for the rest of 2018

The CEDA Dredging Management Commission (DMC) had a busy agenda for their 8th meeting recently. Amongst the subjects discussed were their proposed outputs for the rest of the year and there is much to look forward to.
CEDA Dredging Management Commission at Femern A/S Copenhagen at their 8th meetingDMC members participating in the 8th meeting at th premises of CEDA Corporate Member Femern A/S (l to r):  Hilco Timmer, Witteveen+Bos, the Netherlands; Claus Iversen, Femern A/S, Denmark; Johny Van Acker, Dredging International, Belgium;  Helmut Meyer, Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration, Germany;  Bert Visser, Infrastructure and Water Management/Rijkswaterstaat – the Netherlands; Rienk Hessels, Rohde Nielsen, Denmark; Kathleen De Wit, IMDC, Belgium; Koos van der Geer, Van Oord Dredging & Marine Contractors, the Netherlands; Bas van Maren, Deltares, the Netherlands; Johan van der Vorm, Royal Boskalis Westminster, the Netherlands; Mark Winkelman, Damen Dredging, the Netherlands; Andre van Hassent, Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Murat Ege, AECOM, Qatar;  Eric van der Blom, Royal IHC, the Netherlands.

A short paper on soil investigations

DMC will follow the CEDA Checklist for Successful Dredging Management (published in November 2017 and available free of charge to CEDA members) with a series of short papers addressing particular topics in more depth. The first paper in the series will be on soil investigations. It will build on works published on the subject by other organisations, such as PIANC and IADC, and the British Standards Institute. It will make full use of the knowledge within DMC’s composition which mirrors CEDA’s diverse membership. The conclusions will be based on a series of interviews with key project players who will talk about the success stories, as well the challenges and the key factors leading to the respective outcomes. 

The paper will discuss in a pragmatic way which investigations and tests to do at various stages of a project, and the pros and cons of the various options. It will elaborate on who should be responsible for organising the investigations/tests at which stage, what the contractual impact might be of the choices made and, depending on the type of contract or procurement method, whether one option might be better than the other. On this latter subject, contributors will draw on the extensive knowledge of CEDA’s contract working group (read more about the WG). The paper will also address the question: which party should be responsible for interpreting the data?

Workshops on advances in dredging technology

DMC has been working on this subject for some time with the aim of reducing the gap between dredging technology related challenges and their solutions. They plan to use workshops to understand and encourage discussion around the challenges project owners face now and in the foreseeable future. They also aim to highlight the technologies and methodologies, which are already available, and are being developed by contractors and equipment manufacturers.
A series of regional workshops will be organised to further develop the debate. They will gather input from the entire CEDA membership and encourage participants to discuss the requirements, and solutions, for their particular fields of expertise. The first workshop will be held on 28 November 2018, at the Delft University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands - a fitting venue for such an event. Attendance will be by invitation only. A final international workshop will bring together, and crystallise, the outcomes from the regional workshops. The final document is expected to be a valuable resource for all parties involved in dredging projects, including developers, designers, owners, contractors and regulators.

Joint meeting and mini-symposium with the CEDA Environment Commission (CEC)

It has been clear from the very beginning that there were several topics that would be of interest to both commissions. To facilitate co-operation on these topics, and to identify further opportunities for working together, the two groups have decided to link their next meetings. They will take place in Gdansk, Poland, in October this year, and will be hosted by the Marine Institute. A mini-symposium will be added to the programme, to which local dredging experts will also be invited. The event will be jointly organised by CEDA, the Marine Institute, and the Baltic Ports Organisation. There will be presentations by both commissions, on their respective current topics, and by local experts on local projects, challenges and solutions. Sessions will be complemented by an expert panel discussion.

2018-07-DMC-Peberholm // dmc-2018-pebberholm-w.jpg (138 K)

The group also visited the artificial island Peberholm, which makes part of the Øresund link taht connects Denmark with Sweden.

Read more about the meeting and the site visit from Mark Winkelman DMC member