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CEDA’s Dredging Management Commission’s ambitions for 2018

New Chair

Koos van der GeerKoos van der Geer (left) has been appointed Chair of the Dredging Management Commission (DMC) by the CEDA Board. He takes over the role from Polite Laboyrie (right), CEDA President, who has chaired the group since it was set up in September 2016. As part of his new role, Koos will also join the CEDA Board.

Koos has broad operational experience in dredging and marine contracting, combined with experience in project engineering, commercial management and QHSE management. He is currently manager of Van Oord’s new Project Office. The department was recently set up to meet the challenges raised by increasingly large and ever more complex projects. It coordinates staffing, project management tools, support and knowledge management, for tender and project teams across the entire range of Van Oord’s activities.

He said, “The Dredging Management Commission is a group of very enthusiastic people, from a variety of backgrounds, who like to find common objectives and develop workable tools. It’s very much like my work for Van Oord’s Project Office – it’s about making connections. The most successful projects are the ones where parties get together, at an early stage, to discuss and respect each other’s goals and interests”.

DMC’s achievements so far

As a young group, DMC already has an impressive track record that includes:

  • The publication of CEDA’s Checklist of Successful Dredging Management – a generic but comprehensive list, of possible project ‘booby traps’, which draws on CEDA’s rich member composition, and vast pool of experience. It asks users to “START thinking and KEEP thinking”.
  • The highly successful interactive session on contracts, which featured as part of the CEDA Dredging Days 2017 programme.
  • Initiating the latest Working Group on Effective Contract/Procurement Type Selection, which had its first meeting on 18th January.
The next topic: dredging technology

DMC is already busy with their next subject. They aim to reduce the gap between dredging technology related challenges and solutions. They will seek to understand, and encourage discussion around, the challenges project owners face now and in the future. They will also highlight the technologies and methodologies, that are already available, or are being developed, by contractors and equipment manufacturers.
Some typical topics that DMC’s Focus Group on Dredging Technology is already working on include:

  • The new types of equipment which are being developed.
  • Possible developments in operational limits.
  • The possible restrictions facing consultants and clients.
  • Where the gaps in knowledge might be.

The Focus Group will organise a series of regional workshops to gather input from the entire CEDA membership, and to get participants discussing the requirements, and solutions, for their particular fields of expertise. The Group plans to hold the workshops in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Scandinavia during 2018/2019.

In the picture below: DMC at their meeting in January, hosted by Van Oord at the HQs in Rptterdam, the Netherlands.

2018-01-19 meeting VanOord