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CEDA’s latest Working Group gets ready to unravel seafloor integrity

Seafloor Integrity is one of the qualitative descriptors of the Good Environmental Status (GES) in the marine environment, as described in the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). As this descriptor is directly linked to dredging works and marine construction a working group has been set up to help dredging professionals get to grips with its mysteries. Their task will be to prepare an Information Paper which details the descriptor, its related criteria, and the methodological standards.

On May 18th 2017 a group of ten enthusiastic CEDA members, including marine biologists, ecologists, oceanographers and engineers, met in Antwerp to form the working group and get the ball rolling. The meeting kicked off with talks which set the scene for the challenging work ahead. Presentations were given by two members of the CEDA-led MSFD NAVI Group - Chantal Martens, Ministry of the Flemish Community, and CEDA representative on the EC MSFD Strategic Co-ordination Group, and Dafydd Lloyd Jones, Marine Space UK, and CEDA representative on the EC MSFD GES Working Group.

WGSI-2017Participants of the 1st meeting: Remment Hoofstede, Van Oord, Jannes Kamphuis, Royal IHC, Ine Moulaert Jan De Nul, Theo Prins, Deltares, (stepping in for colleague, Arjen Boon), Dafydd Lloyd Jones, Marine Space, Annemiek Hermans, Royal Boskalis Westminster, Chantal Martens, Ministry of the Flemish Community, Maritime Access, Marc Huygens, DEME, Frederik Roose, Ministry of the Flemish Community, Maritime Access

Following the presentations, and with an increased sense of purpose, the new Working Group on Seafloor Integrity has already drafted a plan for delivering the Information Paper. They plan to address general questions including what seafloor integrity is and how dredging and marine works will affect it. They will also cover impacts and risks, and effects and opportunities, as part of the scheduled assessments and further management tools.

The final version of the Terms of Reference has been adopted by the Working Group and can be viewed below.

Working Group Chair Anne Lise Middelboe, DHI, and mentor Marc Huygens, DEME, are looking forward to getting to work on this highly inspiring and productive project. 

Current members of WGSI are:

  • Anne Lise Middelboe, DHI (Chair)
  • Ine Moulaert Jan De Nul (Secretary)
  • Remment Hoofstede, Van Oord
  • Marc Huygens, DEME (Mentor)
  • Annemiek Hermans, Boskalis
  • Arjen Boon, Deltares
  • Jannes Kamphuis, IHC

If you feel equally inspired by the prospect of getting to grips with seafloor integrity then you should be part of the working group. For details of what’s involved, take a look at the Terms of Reference and get in touch, with CEDA Secretariat, if you would like to be part of the process.


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