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Dredging Management Commission hold its second meeting in Rotterdam

Dredging management commission

DMC at the World Port Centre (l to r). Front row: Claus Iversen,  Femern Baelt3, Mark Winkelman, Damen Dredging5, Bas van Maren, Deltares5, Kathleen De Wit, IMDC1, Camille Kapela, Egis Ports4, Murat Ege, AECOM7. Back row: Hilco Timmer, Witteveen+Bos5, Andre van Hassent, Port of Rotterdam5, Charles Wilsoncroft, Knowles6, Bert Visser, Rijkswaterstaat5, Johny Van Acker, DEME1, Koos van der Geer, Van Oord Dredging & Marine Contractors5, Polite Laboyrie, Witteveen+Bos51)Belgium, 2)Denmark, 3)Germany, 4)France, 5)The Netherlands, 6)UK, 7)Qatar

Rotterdam from aboveOn 19th January 2017, the Port of Rotterdam Authority kindly hosted the 2nd meeting of CEDA's Dredging Management Commission (DMC) in the World Port Centre, in Rotterdam.

Since the first meeting, four months earlier, four new members have joined the commission, bringing the total number of expert participants to 18. As a result, the DMC is beautifully-balanced with contributing members from port authorities, consultants, contractors and shipbuilders. Also, with members from Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Nigeria and Qatar, they represent CEDA’s entire geographical area.

During the 2nd meeting general topics were discussed including contracts, communication, transfer of information and dredging technology. In addition, more specific topics for discussion included the dredging management situation in the Port of Hamburg, new contracts for the maintenance dredging in the Rotterdam area, and Van Oord’s new project management system to improve their handling of complex projects.

The next meeting of DMC will be on 23rd March 2017, at the DEME Group's head office in Zwijndrecht (Belgium).

Topics on the agenda for that meeting include: contracts/procurement, conditions of the project area (soil, objects, traffic), regulations/permits and dredging technology.

Photo left: DMC was treated to fabulous views of the city and the Aida Cruise ship, which just happened to call at Rotterdam