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Understanding dredging

Enrol now for the two-day training course “Environmental aspects of dredging"

The Training Course "Environmental Aspects of Dredging" jointly developed by CEDA and IADC will next be presented at HR Wallingford, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK on 18-19 June 2014.

The course is intensive, compacted into two very full days, composed of lectures and working group sessions. Topics covered include:

  • an overview of the "players" who may become involved in dredging projects and their perspectives;
  • main types of dredging equipment, their environmental effects and possible mitigation measures;
  • pre-dredging site investigations, monitoring and dredged material management; and
  • workshops where participants are split into small groups to find solutions for dredging projects closely resembling real-life dredging situations.

The training course is aimed at:

  • consultants and contractors in dredging related industries;
  • professionals from different governmental bodies, whether municipalities, district water boards, ports and harbour
  • authorities or central government.

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