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Understanding dredging

OSPARCOM's EIHA Committee clarifies terminology relating to dredged material and CEDA played a role

2016-OSPAR Report CoverThe terms ‘dumping’, ‘disposal’,‘placement’, ‘relocation’ and ‘deposit’are commonly used in connection with the management options of dredged material, in the practice and often interchangeably. There has been some confusion even in the OSPAR commission’s annual reports on dredged material. The point was raised by CEDA (Laura Lallier, eCoast, Belgium) in the framework of the EIHA 2016 meeting, and discussed as part of the Expert Assessment Panel (EAP) on dredged material. CEDA participated in this discussion, explaining our point of view and, as a result, we have contributed towards a clearer understanding of the existing terminologies.

In conclusion, the EAP at EIHA 2016 has agreed on the following use of terms:

Dumping is the legal term used in the OSPAR Convention and is described as ”… the deliberate disposal of waste, or other matter…”. Placement is described as “…anything else beyond mere disposal…”. Deposit (ref. Revised OSPAR Dredged Material Guidelines, 2014) is an overarching term to describe
dumping and placement. Aligned with the above definitions, EIHA 2016 changed the original title “OSPAR Annual Reports on dumping of wastes and other matter” to “OSPAR Annual Reports on dumping and placement of wastes and other matter” with a footnote stating that “Placement in this report only relates to dredged material, i.e. placement of dredged material for beneficial uses.” The introduction further clarified that “This report will deal with the disposal of dredged material at sea (dumping within the Convention), beneficial use (placement as defined in the Convention), and with confined disposal facilities (dumping within the Convention).”