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Public consultation of MSFD marine monitoring programmes launched in several countries

The European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) adopted in June 2008 (MSFD, 2008) obliges the member states to take appropriate measures to improve the status of their seas and therewith reach or maintain a good environmental status. The Directive calls for the development of a marine strategy by each Member State.  As part of the MSFD Member States must, by 2014, draw up a coordinated monitoring programme to measure progress towards achieving or maintaining Good Environmental Status (GES) in their seas by 2020. This will enable Member States to continue assessing their Marine Strategy and to update it periodically (adaptive management).

Click the links below to participate in the public consultation in your own country: (listing in chronological order)

Via public consultations the Member States seek views on their proposed monitoring programmes in their marine environment. The monitoring programmes can be seen as indicative for where the focus of the different Member State lays, what approach will be taken regarding defining measures for achieving GES and at which scale measures will be taken. In other words the monitoring programmes provide us, as stakeholders, an idea of what to expect in the forthcoming MSFD Programmes of Measures. Since the aim of the public consultation is to provide all interested parties an early and effective opportunity to participate, please feel free to do so on behalf of your own organization.

The consultation covers monitoring proposals for each of the eleven MSFD descriptors. The descriptors of specific interest to CEDA members are: non-indigenous species (D2), sea floor integrity (D6), hydrographical conditions (D7), contaminants (D8), marine litter (D10) and underwater noise (D11).

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