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Young CEDA site visit to Damen Dredging Equipment


Last week, Damen Dredging Equipment hosted a Young CEDA visit for young professionals in the dredging industry. 
During this unique visit we got the opportunity to peek into the high-tech world of Damen Dredging. Damen Dredging Equipment is the Damen yard dedicated to the dredging industry. The yard in Nijkerk specialises in the design, manufacture, and supply of highly efficient dredging tools. 
After presentations about Damen Dredging Equipment, we got a tour about the yard to get insights of the latest developments in dredging – and to play with the dredging exhibits in their experience center and on the CSD dredge simulator.
A great thanks to the hosts of the event, a nice programme was set up with presentations, a yard tour and of course drinks and the proverbial ‘bitterballen.’
As Young CEDA we feel it remains important to organise such events to contribute to the close-knit dredging community, talk about the business and have a beer together afterwards. 
Additionally, it was again an excellent occasion to meet other young professionals in the dredging industry!
Stay tuned for new upcoming events of Young CEDA! 

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