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Understanding Dredging

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Our Policy Work Regarding the EU Water Framework Directive

The EU Water Framework Directive 2000 (WFD) is arguably the most important, far-reaching, water legislation ever to emerge from the EU. It was transposed into law in EU Member States at the end of 2003. A primary purpose of the Directive is to update and consolidate existing piecemeal EU water legislation: it establishes a new, integrated (ecosystem-based) approach to water protection, improvement and sustainable use.  Some of the main aspects of the Water Framework Directive are summarized below, but more information can be found on the European Commission’s website.

CEDA’s role

In 2003, CEDA, together with PIANC, initiated the Water Framework Directive Navigation Task Group (WFD NAVI). Originally a meeting of five associations, it now comprises a ‘thematic cluster’ of 14 organisations. Between them they represent a wide variety of commercial and recreational, maritime and inland navigation interests. WFD NAVI is chaired and hosted by PIANC.

On national level, CEDA-UK is the chair of the UK Water Framework Directive & Marine Strategy Framework Directive Navigation Sector Group that provides a forum for the navigation industry and government to liaise over legislative progress.

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