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Understanding Dredging

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Beneficial Use of Sediments: Case Studies


These case studies were collected by members of the CEDA Working Group on the Beneficial Use of Sediments (WGBU) and associates in connection with the preparation of two papers:

The original set comprises 38 case examples, undertaken in 11 countries, over the last 30 years, with the focus on the last decade. All case studies are described in standard two-page summaries. These case studies include general information about a specific project, technical information of the beneficial use application, and illustrations. Should the reader be interested in more information, a contact reference is also provided.

All case studies were classified after function and technique (see the WG papers), uniquely named, and included in the summary table. The nomenclature of the case studies includes the year of project initiation and the country. The summary table also identifies those case studies that involved contaminated sediments and (chemical/physical) treatment. For further clarity, a list of the case studies by title and cross-referenced against their classification is also provided.

Invitation to submit cases

Members of the WGBU invite the professional community to share their experiences with the CEDA community. Submitted case studies will be reviewed by the WG and uploaded to the site.