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CEDA provides you with unbiased, state-of-the-art, collective knowledge in a concise  manner - CEDA position and information papers are the direct result of the work produced by our working groups. They bring together the wealth of up-to-date specialist knowledge and the experience of top international experts. Their broadly diverse backgrounds and range of expertise, as well as CEDA’s quality control, are the guarantee for a comprehensive, high-quality and objective treatment of each subject.

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  1. Effective Contract-Type Selection in the Dredging Industry. A Guidance Paper.
    14 November 2019
  2. Sustainable Management of the Beneficial Use of Sediments - A case studies review. A CEDA information paper.
    22 March 2019
  3. Assessing the Benefits of Using Contaminated Sediments. A CEDA position paper.
    21 March 2019
  4. CEDA's Checklist for Successful Dredging Management-Extract
    2 December 2017
  5. Environmental monitoring procedures. A CEDA information paper
    24 April 2015
  6. Integrating adaptive environmental management into dredging projects. A CEDA position paper.
    10 March 2015
  7. WODA technical guidance on underwater sound in relation to dredging.
    1 June 2013
  8. Ecosystem services and dredging and marine construction. A CEDA position paper.
    1 June 2013
  9. Climate change adaptation as it affects the dredging community. A CEDA position paper.
    1 May 2012
  10. Underwater sound in relation to dredging. A CEDA position paper.
    7 November 2011
  11. Environmental control on dredging projects. A CEDA information paper.
    1 June 2011
  12. Dredged material as a resource: options and constraints. A CEDA information paper.
    1 June 2010
  13. Dredging and the environment: moving sediments in natural systems. A CEDA information paper.
    1 December 2009
  14. Dredging in an environmentally aware world. CEDA Advancement note No.7
    1 January 2006
  15. Dredging within the Water Framework Directive. CEDA Adavancement note No.6
    1 January 2004
  16. Sediment management in the context of the EU Water Framework Directive. CEDA Advancement note No.5
    1 January 2004
  17. Research needs on dredging and environment - A CEDA perspective. CEDA Advancement note No.4
    1 January 2004
  18. Sediment management - A CEDA perspective. CEDA Advancement note No.3
    1 January 2003
  19. The EU Water Framework Directive. CEDA Advancement note No.2
    1 January 2002
  20. Establishment of environmental controls for dredging works. CEDA Advancement note No.1
    1 January 2001

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