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Understanding Dredging

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CEDA - At a Glance

Some quick facts about us.

  • CEDA is an independent membership association that brings together professionals involved in any kind of activity related to dredging.
  • CEDA is financed by member subscriptions. It does not receive any financial sponsorship from government, private sector or other.
  • CEDA’s geographic area is Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  • CEDA is member of WODA, the World Organisation of Dredging Associations. The two sister associations under WODA are the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) serving the Americas, and the Eastern Dredging Association (EADA) serving the Asian and Pacific region.
  • CEDA has two types of membership: corporate and individual members.
  • CEDA has around 390 individual and 110 corporate members from approx. 40 countries. As all employees of corporate members are also automatically members of CEDA, the total membership encompasses several thousands professionals.
  • The main member segments are shown in the picture below:

At a glance > membership breakdown 2016 // ceda_membership_2016_cropped.jpg (129 K)

  • CEDA’s flagship event is the CEDA Dredging Days.
  • CEDA has four National Sections: The African, Belgian, Dutch and UK Sections.
  • Young CEDA brings together young members of the association who organize their own activities.
  • Main objectives:
    • Generation and dissemination of knowledge and best practice experience to members, regulatory bodies, other professional groups and the public at large
    • Forum for knowledge and information exchange
    • Raising the profile of the dredging profession.