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CEDA Working Group Beneficial Use of Sediment

The Working Group is under the remit of the CEDA Environment Commission. The WG had their first meeting on 18 January 2017.  They will produce two papers:

  • An information paper that will focus on the design parameters for a range of beneficial use (BU) applications. It will discuss socio-economic benefits, effective terminology and communication about and strategic approaches to BU. It will follow up and expand on the recommendations and guidance given in the PIANC (2009) publication using lessons learned in the past 10 years.
  • A companion position paper, which will discuss the appropriateness of BU options relative to the ability to manage risk and create socioeconomic value. 
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Chair: Luca Sittoni, EcoShape, the Netherlands
Secretary: Rebecca Gardner, Anchor QEA, USA/Norway (WEDA representative)
Mentor: Helmut Meyer, Federal Waterways and Shipping Agency, Germany
Eldert Besseling , Netics, the Netherlands
Todd Bridges, US Army Corps of Engineers, USA (WEDA representative)
Nick Buhbe, Greatecology, USA (WEDA representative)
William Coulet, Exzo Environmental, UK
Heinz-Dieter Detzner, Hamburg Port Authority, Germany
Dafydd Lloyd Jones, Marine Space, UK
Joost Koevoets, Royal IHC, the Netherlands
Christian Mugnai, ISPRA-Rome, Italy (Corresponding Member)
Ivo Pallemans, Jan De Nul / Envisan, Belgium
David Sartori, ISPRA-Livorno, Italy
Chris Schalm, Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands
Colin Scott, ABPMer, UK
David Tenwolde , Dredging Marine Offshore Services, the Netherlands
George Yesu Vedha Victor, India, (EADA representative)
Thomas Vijverberg, Boskalis, the Netherlands
Marco Wensveen, Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Arjan Wijdeveld , Deltares / TU Delft, the Netherlands


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WGBU ToR Final
19 January 2017
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