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CEDA Working Group on Guidelines for assessing and Evaluating Environmental Turbidity Limits (WGETL)

Turbidity limits are often encountered by the dredging industry around the world and often significant resources are used to comply with turbidity limits. It is therefore very important that the imposed turbidity limits are optimised to protect the local environment.

The Environment Commission of CEDA  established the Working Group called the CEDA Working Group on Guidelines for Assessing and Evaluating Environmental Turbidity Limits for Dredging Operations (WGETL). The WG first met up on 14 June 2018.

  • Their task will be to prepare an information paper on guidelines for assessing and evaluating environmental turbidity limits for dredging. The aim of the paper is to facilitate knowledge exchange on how to assess environmental turbidity limits generally, and which parameters should be included in the evaluation at a local level.
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Chair: Klavs Bundgaard, NIRAS, Denmark
Mark Bollen, IMDC, Belgium (until February 2019)
Stijn Claeys, Flanders Hydraulics Research, Belgium
Jos de Cubber, Jan De Nul, Belgium
Boudewijn Decrop, IMDC, Belgium (from February 2019)
Frederik Goethals, DEME, Belgium
Lucie Evaux, Van Oord, the Netherlands
Alessandra Feola, ISPRA, Italy (corresponding member)
Johan Henrotte, Boskalis, the Netherlands
Joël L'Her, Cerema, France
Iolanda Lisi, ISPRA, Italy (corresponding member)
Yves Planke, Port of Antwerp, Belgium
Bastian Schlenz, Femern A/S, Denmark
Jonathan Taylor, HR Wallingford, United Kingdom
Lynyrd de Wit, Svasek Hydraulics, the Netherlands

News-WGTL-TurbidityGuidelines // wgtel-2019-02-07-combined.jpg (117 K)
WG members participating in the latest meeting of the WG at Jan De Nul, Belgium, on 7 February 2019 (l to r): 1st row -  Klavs Bundgaard (NIRAS – Denmark), Lucie Evaux (Van Oord – the Netherlands); 2nd row: Styn Claeys (Flanders Hydraulics Research – Belgium), Frederik Goethals (Dredging International – Belgium), Johan Henrotte (Boskalis – the Netherlands), Jos De Cubber (Jan De Nul – Belgium), Lynyrd de Wit (Svasek Hydraulics – the Netherlands). Attending remotely: Jonathan Taylor (HR Wallingford – UK), Alessandra Feola (ISPRA – Italy).


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Shedding Light on Turbidity Guidelines - 27 February 2019

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CEDA WG on setting environmental turbidity limits - DRAFT TOR
1 May 2018
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