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CEDA white papers

Sponsored articles with a commercial focus - provide detailed information about a product or service. They may contain convincing arguments that direct the reader to products and services that solve a particular challenge.  

CEDA is happy to accept sponsored technical papers written exclusively by our Corporate Members. However, content should still be of a high technical standard.

CEDA white papers are circulated with the CEDA Newsletter and distributed via our social media channels.

Thinking of publishing a CEDA white paper with a more commercial focus? Find out how by following the links below

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  1. Optimize Your Dredging Operation By Using 3D Software
    31 October 2017
  2. Developing the largest size pump in dredging industry
    14 August 2015
  3. Dredging works are inherently risky both operationally and commercially
    15 June 2015
  4. CSD ECO 200
    1 September 2014
  5. Enhancing project and company results with Integrated Risk Management
    1 July 2013

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