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Understanding Dredging

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About CEDA

CEDA exists to champion the professional success of individuals and organisations in the dredging and associated fields.

Leading independent forum

CEDA is an established authority and the leading independent forum for the professional dredging community, and associated industries, in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

We represent dredging professionals and organizations, from government, academia and business, in the region. We foster and promote the understanding and advancement of dredging to the wider community.

Source of specialist knowledge

We are a recognized reference point for high-quality specialist knowledge on all aspects of dredging and provide a multidisciplinary network for professional contacts.

Drawing on the collective knowledge of our members, and as an impartial organization, CEDA regularly gives expert advice to government and international regulatory bodies.

Diverse membership

CEDA members are representative of consultancies, research and educational institutions, port authorities, government agencies, dredging contractors, designers and builders of dredging vessels, suppliers of ancillary equipment, and organizations providing a whole range of related services.

Connecting professionals globally

As part of the World Organization of Dredging Associations (WODA) CEDA is in the best position to represent the professional values of our members around the world. CEDA’s two sister associations, WEDA (Western Dredging Association) and EADA (Eastern Dredging Association), serve the Americas, and Asia, Australia and the Pacific region respectively.