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Understanding Dredging

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CEDA Working Group on Beneficial Use of Sediment (WGBU)

The Working Group was initiated by the CEDA Environment Commission in 2017. The WG had their first meeting on 18 January 2017. They completed their work in 2019 which includes two papers and a dedicated section on the CEDA website:

WGBU continues collecting case studies and as part of the PIANC WG 214 initiated in 2019 on the same subject.

Call to the professional community

WGBU researched and collated details from 38 case studies from 11 countries over the last 30 years, specially focusing on the last decade. The WG invites peers to share their experiences with the CEDA community and beyond and submit additional and future case studies on the CEDA website involving contaminated, as well as, clean sediments.


Chair: Luca Sittoni, EcoShape, the Netherlands
Secretary: Rebecca Gardner, Anchor QEA, USA/Norway (WEDA representative)
Mentor: Helmut Meyer, Federal Waterways and Shipping Agency, Germany
Nick Buhbe, Mission Environment LLC, USA (WEDA representative)
William Coulet, Exo Environmental, UK
Heinz-Dieter Detzner, Hamburg Port Authority, Germany
Dafydd Lloyd Jones, Marine Space, UK
Joost Koevoets, Royal IHC, the Netherlands
Ivo Pallemans, Jan De Nul / Envisan, Belgium
Chris van Schalm, Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands
Colin Scott, ABPMer, UK
David Tenwolde, Dredging Marine Offshore Services, the Netherlands
Thomas Vijverberg, Boskalis, the Netherlands
Marco Wensveen, Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Arjan Wijdeveld, Deltares / TU Delft, the Netherlands
Eric Stern, Tipping Point Resources Group LLC, USA
Hans Quaeyhaegens, De Vlaamse Waterweg nv, Belgium
Peter Seymour, Ecocem Materials Ltd, Ireland
Will Manning, Centre for Environment Fisheries & Aquaculture Science, UK


CEDA > Working Groups > WGBU // wgbu-rotterdam2018-sept.jpg (104 K)
Participants of the third face-to-face meeting hosted by Port of Rotterdam at the Slufter Confined Disposal Facility (l to r): Thomas Vijverberg (Boskalis – the Netherlands), Luca Sittoni (Deltares – the Netherlands), Arjan Wijdeveld (Deltares– the Netherlands), Ivo Pallemans (Jan De Nul – Belgium), Marco Wensveen (Port of Rotterdam – the Netherlands), Helmut Meyer (Federal Waterways and Shipping Agency – Germany), Nick Buhbe (Mission Environment LLC – USA), Chris van Schalm (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management/Rijkswaterstaat – the Netherlands), Heinz-Dieter Detzner (Port of Hamburg – Germany). Not pictured: Peter Seymour (Ecocem Materials Ltd – Ireland) and Eric Stern (Tipping Point Resources Group – USA) who both participated in the meeting remotely.


View the latest presentation about the working group’s progress by Luca Sittoni, Deltares, the Netherlands, at the symposium co-organised by the CEDA Environment Commission in Gdansk, Poland on 10 October 2018 here.


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