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Understanding Dredging

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CEDA-BE Clubavond: Coastal Zone Management


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The speakers are:

Mr. M. Roche, FOD Economie, about 'Management, control and modeling of sand extraction in the Belgian part of the North Sea: balance and resource perspective'. This presentation  is prepared with the following co-authors : Koen Degrendele, Helga Vandenreyken, Patrik Schotte, Reinhilde Van Den Branden, Gregory De Schepper, Nathan Terseleer, Dries Van den Eynde, Annelies De Backer & Vera Van Lancker.

Mr S. Poppe, DEME, and Ms A Bolle, IMDC, in 'Costal Defense works in Ada (Ghana): A smart design with a budget friendly solution'.

Please find below the invitation, full programme and route description. 


Fort Napoleon, Oostende
11 October 2016 - 11 October 2016
18.30-22.00 uur