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Understanding Dredging

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CEDA Webinar 10: Cyber security: from awareness to empowerment


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With a focus on the maritime / dredging industry

Date: 27 June 2017
Time: 14:00-15:00 hrs (CEST)
Presenter: Mark Luchs, PhD Candidate, Delft University of Technology, Cyber Security Group
Level: Introductory

Why you should attend

To increase awareness of the importance of cyber security and what can be done to improve it.


Attendance to this CEDA webinar is free of charge, registration however, is required.

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Both man and machine are becoming increasingly interconnected – a state dubbed ‘the hyper-connected world’ by the World Economic Forum. Being connected brings numerous benefits to business, not least of which is an increased efficiency. However, on the reverse side, our subsequent dependence on our digital infrastructure also makes us vulnerable. There are many examples of security breaches such as the relatively recent Sony breach only a few months ago. Another example, closer to home, is the Shamoon Malware attack, in 2012, which took down 30,000 Saudi Aramco workstations and took the company months to recover from.

ICT systems are not the only ones being targeted. Research shows that attacks on control systems are on the rise. The infamous Stuxnet Malware attack left us in no doubt about the potential for digital attacks to cause physical damage, with the reported destruction of one-fifth of Iran’s enrichment centrifuges.

Although the public examples from the dredging industry are not so prevalent the challenges still apply. Questions about cyber security, and how to handle it, were posed at a  CEDA Dutch Section event two years ago on the theme “Dredging in 2030” but the resultant debate produced no clear answers. In addition, a report by Enisa,  (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security), on cyber security with respect to the maritime industry, indicated that while the industry is labelled as a critical infrastructure in Europe, there is a significant lack of awareness, and technical implementation, amongst industry professionals and government officials.

Simply ignoring these challenges will not make them go away and interviews with security professionals indicate that the question is not if, but when, a breach to ones systems and/or equipment might occur.

This timely webinar will provide an introductory discussion on the increasing threats to our essential data, documents and operations. It will also look at what can and should be done to defend against such threats. 


You will have the opportunity to ask questions via text during the webinar, and verbally after the presentation.

About the Presenter

Mark Luchs // markluchs_182x240.jpg (21 K)Mark Luchs is a PhD candidate within the Delft University of Technology within the domain of cyber security, where he started end 2016. He has a background in mechanical and maritime engineering and recently completed his MSc in offshore and dredging engineering at the Delft University of Technology.

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27 June 2017 - 27 June 2017
14:00-15:00 hrs (CEST)