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CEDA Dredging Days 2021 - Virtual

Sustainable Dredging and Innovation
The science. The practice. The business.
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Updated: 20 September 2021

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CEDA Dredging Days 2021 will have the scientifically sound programme and high-quality technical papers that the event is well known for as well as live exhibition booth, lots of networking opportunities, including 1 to 1 video calls and match making.

As an added bonus, making it a virtual conference will open it up to the wider dredging community, across the entire CEDA region. It will also be much easier for students and young dredging professionals to participate.

While we still have some i's to dot and some t's to cross, we invite you to browse the updated programme of the upcoming CEDA Dredging Days© 2021 that will be taking place 28-29 September 2021.

Download the PDF version

Browse the interactive version

A few highlights from the technical programme

Participants at Dredging Days 2021 can look forward to hearing about:

  • The impact of the digital revolution on the dredging industry and insights into how the industry might look in the future.
  • The latest innovations, designed to address technical challenges, such as modelling and measuring hydraulic transport, fine sediment dynamics as well as equipment and technology.
  • How organisations are overcoming costs, legislation and technical challenges, and working towards sustainable development by mainstreaming beneficial sediment use.
  • Energy transition in the industry, including insights from national strategies, international targets, and possible technical solutions.
  • How best to set environmental turbidity limits with a balance between protecting the environment and still allowing for dredging in a cost-effective way.
  • How organisations are building bridges between dredging and financial institutions to successfully fund sustainable projects.
  • How young dredging professionals are challenging CEOs to future-proof the industry.
  • What are viable, actionable options for organisations for preparing their businesses for the future.

Book your place

... and register a young professional for free

In a first for CEDA, and to make it easier for young dredging professionals and students to participate in this year’s event, CEDA is offering a free place to a young dredging professional in its member companies for each place they book.
Students can also join for free.

Virtual exhibition booths

See how a booth looks

Our supporters/sponsors all have a virtual exhibition booth. Participants can speak directly to representatives either via pre-arranged appointments or ad-hoc video connections.

More information can be found in the event's website. Reserve these dates in your diary!

Visit the Dredging Days Website

Believe us: you don’t want to miss this. 

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28 September 2021 - 29 September 2021

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