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CEDA Forum: Dredging in a Changing World


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During the forum's two workshops, it was made sure there was more than enouhg time to exchange experience, knowledge and views and to be part of several open discussions. This way the topics came to life, giving the oppurtunity to truly engage. Both workshops consisted of high interest subjects to the dredging community and other professional groups working in related fields.


Title and descriptionDownload
CEDA Forum: Ems estuary - A case history on the Habitats Directive4567 KbDownload
CEDA Forum: Enhancing fish habitats in ports5023 KbDownload
CEDA Forum: Balancing the provision of infrastructure enhancements against their environmental cost8625 KbDownload
CEDA Forum: The EU Habitats Directive and uncertainties - Case study of the Scheldt estuary deepenin9619 KbDownload
CEDA Forum: Vigorously embracing safety with Nina8293 KbDownload
CEDA Forum: Icy waters: Opportunities and obstacles in the Arctic641 KbDownload
CEDA Forum: Technical visit to the Sand engine13463 KbDownload

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