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CEDA Iberian Conference: Dredging for sustainable port development, Lisbon, Portugal


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This conference, CEDA’s third event on the Iberian Peninsula, was co-organised and hosted by the Portuguese Engineers Association (OE) at their premises in central Lisbon, Portugal, on 27-28 October 2016. 

Within the central theme – Dredging for sustainable port development – the conference addressed key topics relevant to the success of port dredging and sediment management projects with a focus on the Iberian context. The topics also reflected current thinking on what “sustainability” means in that context.

This important conference provided a valuable platform for the exchange of knowledge, and best practice, between professionals involved in dredging on the Iberian Peninsula and the broader international CEDA community.

  • Fully curated technical programme
  • Technical visit
  • Photography competition
  • Young CEDA Pitch Talks
  • Conference dinner and networking with fellow professionals 
Who was there?

Dredging professionals from organisations including port authorities, government agencies, dredging
contractors, shipyards, and consultants. Delegates came from across the region but were mainly from Portugal, Spain and Morocco. The conference language was English.


CEDA and OE are grateful to the following companies for their support to the event. 

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For information about sponsorship opportunities please visit cedaconferences.org/lisbon2016


Title and descriptionDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference Programme Brochure2790 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference 2016: Press release698 KbDownload

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Title and descriptionDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Ecosystem Services as a concept to assess integral benefits of dredging projects4659 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Data, the new oil1841 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Innovations in environmental management of large marine infrastructure projects2631 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Strategies for reducing the impacts on port development: the Portsmouth Design and Construct case2851 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Innovative solutions for managing contaminated sediments3789 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Nature conservation and industry in harmony: case studies from the UK5812 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Sustainable nourishment of a dark sand beach6653 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Strategies for sustainable sediment management: the case of Port of Antwerp8540 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Beneficial use of dredged material under existing European and international legislation1495 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Dredging in Portuguese ports: a changing paradigm3099 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Port expansion to meet economic, environmental and social objectives (capping)3633 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Sustainability: Ingredients for a Triple P approach2134 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Sustainable and energy efficient dredging vessels10045 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: The Building with Nature Program: How to enable broad applications of nature-based solutions6243 KbDownload
CEDA Iberian Conference: Adaptive management for dredging1687 KbDownload

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