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CEDA-MIG Symposium on Advances in Dredging Technology, 10 October 2018, Gdansk, Poland


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The Symposium was organised by the Central Dredging Association (CEDA) and the Marine Institute in Gdansk (MIG) and is supported by the Gdansk Science and Technology Park (GSTP) and the Baltic Ports Organisation (BPO). The aim of the event was knowledge exchange between international and local experts on high-interest topics for senior members of the professional dredging community.

The finalised one-day programme:

  • Drew on the collective knowledge and experience of CEDA’s Environment Commission and Dredging Management Commission to provide the latest details on their work including: beneficial use of sediments; energy efficiency of dredging projects, dredging technology developments versus requirements; how to avoid project booby traps; and more;
  • Included presentations from local speakers representing MIG, GSTP and BPO and covered the latest on placing dredged sediment in the Baltic Sea; and an update on GSTP projects;
  • Included a site visit to Port of Gdansk and a brainstorming session followed by a Symposium dinner.

It was a full day of updates, current thinking and best practice, with plenty of opportunities to network with fellow senior professionals.


Title and descriptionDownload
CEDA-MIG Symposium: Welcome and Introduction to Advances in Dredging Technology Symposium741 KbDownload
CEDA-MIG Symposium: Dredged material disposal sites in SE Baltic Sea545 KbDownload
CEDA-MIG Symposium: CEDA’s Checklist for Successful Dredging Management745 KbDownload
CEDA-MIG Symposium: Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance - Advancing marine biobased product development907 KbDownload
CEDA-MIG Symposium: The Baltic Sea region's port market in 20171514 KbDownload
CEDA-MIG Symposium: Short introduction to the CEDA Environment Commission (CEC)571 KbDownload
CEDA-MIG Symposium: CEDA Working Group: Beneficial Sediment Reuse (WGBU)1248 KbDownload
CEDA-MIG Symposium: CEDA Working Group on Energy Efficiency616 KbDownload
CEDA-MIG Symposium: Guidance Document on Procurment and Contract Selection265 KbDownload
CEDA-MIG Symposium: Dredging Technology Developments versus Requirements928 KbDownload
CEDA-MIG Symposium: The Relevance of the MSFD Descriptor ´Seafloor Integrity´ for Dredging & Disposal533 KbDownload

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