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CEDA - WEDA Seminar: Connecting the World Through Dredging


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The two sister associations, CEDA and WEDA have organised their first joint international seminar on sustainable dredging and maritime construction. This event, attracting 110 experts from 10 CEDA and WEDA countries, took place on March 2nd 2009, in Panama City. The one-day event was sponsored and hosted by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), the owner of one of the most exciting and prestigious hydraulic construction works, the Panama Canal Expansion Programme. The programme included presentations about widening and deepening of the existing canal, and the construction of 2 new sets of locks, which will double capacity and allow more traffic and longer, wider ships.


Title and descriptionDownload
Panama: Fresh water dredging in the Panama canal expansion project1714 KbDownload
Panama: Environmental aspects of the Panama canal expansion1988 KbDownload
Panama: Selection of excavation material disposal sites for the canal expansion1912 KbDownload
Panama: Underwater rock blasting for dredging607 KbDownload
Panama: Environmental control of dredging projects1376 KbDownload
Panama: Dredging for climate change and transport in the Netherlands – Dredging to survive938 KbDownload
Panama: Large infrastructure projects and the environment – Examples from Denmark4102 KbDownload
Panama: Important cost drivers for dredging (it depends)407 KbDownload
Panama: Dredged material as a resource - Options and constraints1684 KbDownload
Panama: Compliance monitoring of turbidity - jousting with windmills?1513 KbDownload
Panama: Win-win-solutions between sediment management and natural developments in tidal river Elbe4493 KbDownload

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