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The article entitled " Involve Your Contractors Early! "- which appeared in the July issue of Dredging and Port Construction of 2011 - gives a clear example of why ECI is an important new concept in managing dredging and maritime infrastructure projects. This interview with Lyle Banks, planning and development manager of the Port of Freemantle, Western Australia, read his firsthand account of why "partnering creates possibilities", why it worked for Freemantle and why it can work for your port.


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ECI: Balancing economic, environmental and social demands4525 KbDownload
ECI: Innovation in public procurement: Priority road investment programme816 KbDownload
ECI: Partnering creates possibilities396 KbDownload
ECI: Fehmarnbelt fixed link2733 KbDownload
ECI: Innovation in flood risk management1352 KbDownload
ECI: Early contractor involvement Maasvlakte 22290 KbDownload

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