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Seminar "Eco-friendly Dredging in the Modern World"


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CEDA has organised this technical seminar together with the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU) and the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) and in co-operation with the Government of St. Petersburg, Committee for Nature Use, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety. This two-day seminar provided a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas about dredging and marine construction between scientists and practitioners, across disciplines and countries. As in many other parts of the world, the fast growing economy of the Russian Federation generates a high demand on dredging services. Impressive projects in and around St. Petersburg, such as the expansion of the Port, the construction of the Sea Fasad, the Flood Protection Barrier and the Nord stream gas pipeline are true testament to that.


Title and descriptionDownload
St. Petersburg: Environmental aspects of dredging in the Russian sector of the Baltic Sea (in Russia6509 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: How does Building with Nature research add to Baltic practice?5108 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: Evironmental monitoring of 6 underwater disposal sites (in Russian)4783 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: Application of optical remote sensed data for the coastal area monitoring and dredgi14786 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: DEME approach to port infrastructure development in Russia5904 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: Sediment management in port areas, illusion or fact? 4751 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: Monitoring of hydroecosystems of the Gulf of Finland in the areas of sediment remova7291 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: Management of dredged material: small-scale dredging3004 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: Geoecological situation in the Gulf of Finland / Baltic sea (in Russian)19181 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: EIA of the iron-manganese nodules extraction from the seabed of the Gulf of Finland 4268 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: Effect of suspended material on the ecosystem of the Eastern Gulf of Finland (in Ru4030 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: Mitigating the environmental impact of hopper dredging by choking the overflow8805 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: The making of sustainable dredging equipment2142 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: Marine sand and gravel extraction - Impacts and mitigation1900 KbDownload
St. Petersburg: Monitoring, modelling, prediction and control of dredging operations15369 KbDownload

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