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Call for Papers: International Days of Dredging 2018, Casablanca, Morocco


CEDA African Section is pleased to invite paper submissions for the next International Days of Dredging, which will take place in Morocco at the end of September 2018.

With the focus on dredging, environment and development in Africa, the conference will bring together researchers and practitioners from industry, academia and government, to share relevant knowledge and experience in the region.

At least 60% of the world’s population today lives less than 60km from the coast… and this figure is increasing due to a growing world population, migration, and urbanisation. If unchecked, or poorly managed, the development of coastal areas can lead to serious ecological incidents and socio-economic conflicts. Infrastructure developments that ignore coastal systems dynamics can lead to results such as coastal erosion, increased flooding, and the costs of rehabilitation measures. The rush for economic development such as bigger ports, and better entertainment facilities, without considering the surrounding environment can add to the problems.

The African continent is particularly susceptible to these issues and coastal regions, that also have desert climate features, are the most vulnerable to considerable coastal degradation. As a result, it is now a matter of urgency that design concepts, the installation of maritime facilities, and coastal protection and sustainable development measures, are reviewed. The African countries, and those that work with them, are keen to find better ways to ensure remediation and economic growth, and CEDA African Section has organised this conference to address the issues.

International Days of Dredging 2018, Casablanca, Morocco

As stakeholders in the dredging field, we work hard to design maritime and terrestrial projects that respect the environment and preserve biodiversity. We aim for dredging techniques and technologies that evolve with respect for both the environment and human development. The main objective for the International Days of Dredging conference will be to promote best practice and share experience around issues related to problems of coastal facilities in open sea spaces. It will focus on topics including:

  • New dredging techniques
  • Dredging and development of terrestrial and maritime infrastructures
  • Impacts on the environment
  • Safety and security aboard dredging units
  • Papers are invited from researchers and practitioners, in the CEDA region, and English and French will be the official languages for the conference. There will be simultaneous translation during the event and the proceeding will be published in both languages.
Abstract submissions

An electronic summary of papers, of less than 300 words, can be submitted in either French or English. The preferred format is as a pdf file (RTF and ASCII formats are also acceptable).

All submissions must include the author’s full name, affiliation, full address, phone and fax numbers, and a reliable e-mail address.

Submissions should be sent, before 24th May 2018, to:
Khadija LEGLITI, Conference Secretariat
c/o Drapor Dragage des Ports S.A
5, Rue Chajarat Addor Quartier Palmier 20100 Casablanca
Phone: +212 5 22 95 91 02 / +212 5 46 43 60
Fax: + 212 5 22 23 47 54 / + 212 5 22 23 26 00
Email: legliti@drapor.com / legliti@ceda-africa.ma

The technical committee will examine drafts received and authors will be notified by 18th June 2018. The committee has the right to accept the proposal as either an oral paper or poster presentation. Successful authors will be sent the Authors’ Kit, which contains all the necessary instructions for the final text, registration forms for the conference, and the copyright approval.