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CEDA's new Educational Activities Commission starts work

News 2014 CEDA-Educational-Activities-Commission

The new Educational Activities Commission of CEDA had their first meeting last week. In a constructive meeting, the Commission, chaired by Prof. Cees van Rhee of the Delft University of Technology, discussed what role CEDA should / could CEDA play in increasing the pool of well-trained dredging specialists across its region (Europe, Africa, Middle East) and how to develop closer links with universities, including facilitation of master and PhD research and dissemination of results.

 In addition to knowledge dissemination, CEDA also seeks to strengthen its role in facilitating knowledge exchange amongst its members.

Members of the Commission are:

Michael Costaras, HR Wallingford , UK;
Anna Csiti, CEDA, The Netherlands;
Arjan de Heer, Young CEDA, The Netherlands;
Anders Jensen, DHI , Denmark;
Johan Pennekamp, Deltares  The Netherlands;
Dingeman van Woerden, Royal IHC, The Netherlands