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Have your say - EU WFD and MSFD

Two important consultations of relevance to those with dredging  and navigation interests in Europe

1. EU Water Framework Directive consultation on River Basin Management Plans 2015

Standard - WFD By the end of 2015, all EU Member States must update the River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) prepared under the EU Water Framework Directive. As part of this updating process, a public consultation exercise must take place. In some Member States this consultation is already underway. In others, it has yet to start.

Many of these second round RBMPs contain fundamental changes when compared to the first cycle Plans. It was clear from the presentations at the recent EU Water Conference (Brussels, March 2015) both that additional data collected over the first planning cycle have identified failures in water bodies previously thought to be at good status; and that the revisions made to some environmental quality standards have led to changes in chemical status. As a result, many new measures are likely to be included in the second round RBMPs. Some of these measures may need to be delivered by navigation-related organisations; others could potentially affect navigation activities or assets.

Those with interests in navigable water bodies are therefore encouraged to review the draft second round RBMPs and, where appropriate, to respond to these consultations. Further information about the WFD and navigation, and about the River Basin Management Planning process can be found respectively at:

Links to Member States’ second round River Basin Management Plan consultations can be obtained from http://ec.europa.eu/environment/water/2015conference/pdf/consultation.pdf  

2. EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive consultation on Programme of Measures

Standard - MSFD1 By December 2015, the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive requires all EU Member States to prepare ‘Programmes of Measures’ setting out the actions needed to meet or maintain ‘good environmental status’ as envisaged by the Directive. Some of these measures might have implications for navigation or dredging related activities.

As part of the process of preparing the MSFD Programmes of Measures, a public consultation exercise must take place. In some Member States this consultation is already underway. In others, it has yet to start. Those with interests in coastal and maritime navigation are encouraged to review these draft Programmes of Measures and, where appropriate, to respond to the relevant Member State consultations.

To help you with this ‘review and respond’ process, the MSFD NAVI group (a ‘thematic cluster’ of nine organisations representing the marine and inland, commercial and recreational navigation and dredging sector) has prepared an information note discussing the importance of the Programmes of Measures aspect of MSFD implementation to the navigation and dredging sector. This information note highlights a number of MSFD-related issues of special relevance to the navigation and dredging sector for the reasons outlined therein. The note, together with an overview of ongoing consultations in each member state can be accessed at http://www.dredging.org/content/content.asp?menu=1000_155.