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Understanding Dredging


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A different kind of Environmental Impact Assessment: assessing the impact of compliance with environmental obligations

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Presented during:

CEDA Dredging Days 2015 - Innovative Dredging Solutions for Ports, Rotterdam


Engelen KDR and Yzewyn T - DEME, Belgium; Read KM - DEME, United Kingdom

Abstract: As the understanding of the Marine Environment, and the impact of Dredging Operations thereon, increases, generally more monitoring and mitigation measures are introduced when planning new, major, marine construction and/or dredging projects. Often these eventually become an important part of the contractual obligations and requirements which are passed on by the project developer to the marine construction contractor.

Whilst many of these monitoring and mitigation measures are often perceived to be restrictive on the operations, the vast amount of data which are produced as a result of the monitoring operations, combined with the experiences gained over the last few years in this relatively new field of science, allows for better understanding of the actual impact of dredging and marine construction operations and often provides backing for the implementation of modifications to, and the optimization of, the initially required mitigation measures.

The paper will therefore make the case that proper management of these obligations and requirements, which might sometimes be considered to only be a burden on the project team and the overall production and progress, will in fact allow for timely delivery of on-budget projects whilst simultaneously protecting the environment, the general public and the different stakeholders.

This paper will present information gathered, tools applied and lessons learnt from dredging and reclamation operations which formed part of the construction of the London Gateway Project, a major new port development on the banks of the Thames Estuary in the UK.

Key words: environmental monitoring, environmental management, London Gateway Port



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