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Understanding Dredging


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Flexible Pump Housing Dynacover

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Presented during:

CEDA Dredging Days 2017 - Sustainable Dredging - Continued Benefits


van Duursen E.A., Winkelman M.O., Tijssen M.

Abstract: A new approach of a double walled pump house is presented. This approach is compact, light and flexible. A double walled pump house increases the lifetime of the inner pump house because you can wear it until it disintegrates. This means less wear parts therefore reducing the resources. Normally a double walled pump house consists of heavy steel plates around the cast iron inner pump house. This concept is heavy and space consuming. When installed in a hopper or cutter suction dredger the pump will be raised to accommodate the double walled casing. This will reduce the suction capabilities of the pump, and therefore the production of the vessel. Also due to the weight of the casing a hopper can load less payload. Our new approach does not require the pump to be raised. The casing fits around every existing pump, with minimal clearance. Also the weight is approximately one tenth of a normal steel double walled casing. In case of an existing pump the initial mounting of the double walled casing takes less than 4 hours. Because the parts do not weigh as much as in case of a normal double walled casing, the handling and serviceability are much improved. Our approach consists of a woven textile cover, attached to the existing pump casing by special clamps. The fixation and textile are water tight up to 20 bar. The application of the unit is like a normal double walled casing. The development was done in an extensive research project, initiated with our partners.  Several tests are performed for proving the water tightness, production method, handling and durability. As a result this new concept is a reliable, cost effective, light and durable alternative for a double walled casing made of steel.


Keywords: Flexible and light, double walled, pump house



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