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Understanding Dredging


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Next Generation Marine Aggregate Dredger as Platform for Innovativon and Basis for Fleet Renewal

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CEDA Dredging Days 2019


F. de Hoogh, J. Rietveld, M. de Roo, F Bosman and M. Williams

Abstract: A strong demand for building materials combined with an aging fleet of marine aggregate dredgers create an urgency to invest in new equipment. The move of resources further offshore and the environment taking an increasingly prominent role in the operation drive the need for innovation.

This paper is focused on the niche market of marine aggregate dredging in the UK and Western Europe. Although a vital part of the supply chain, the marine division of large construction material suppliers comprises a relatively small part of the business. Operating a rapidly aging fleet the ever increasing demands on production, efficiency, safety as well as reduction of the environmental footprint call for the development of next generation aggregate dredgers.

Being large single asset investments with an operational lifetime of up to 30 years, the challenge to deliver a 21st century vessel with integrated equipment is a natural consequence. To meet this challenge a joint effort from operator, equipment specialists and shipbuilder is needed. The combination of years of operational experience and the latest insights in vessel design and equipment technology are the basis of a dredger designed specific to its operation. Efficiency and production capacity increase whilst maintainability and operator safety improve.

The result of an extensive design and development project results in a new type aggregate dredger outfitted with the latest in aggregate dredging equipment. Most notably a revised trailing suction pipe system and dredge pump drive, new type of screening concept and production meter without a radioactive source.

The first of series vessel is named "Cemex Go Innovation" will start operations in 2020. Both operator and builder are committed to continue development and this vessel is an ideal platform to validate designs and foster further innovation.

Keywords: Offshore dredging, aggregates, innovation, collaboration



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